It’s already Day 17 of our Motivation Madness Challenge. Crazy, right?

A few words of wisdom to help you get more out of this month:
On the path the self-development, it’s good to know what you’re already strong in – so you’ll know what to keep working on.

If you downloaded “Peak Performers Secrets” (still available for just $5), and have been following our Challenge on Instagram, you’re probably starting to notice a pattern.
Some of the 31 Truth’s you’re already doing very well. And for that, give yourself a pat on the back.
Other truths….not so much.
So, in the spirit of March Madness, we provided this fun 5-minute exercise for self-evaluation.

Why not do your own “brackets” with the 31 Truths?

Here’s how to discover your “Winning Truth” – and know where to keep working:

  1. Download the activity sheet
  2. Pick your favorite 16 qualities
  3. Line them up, and work through the brackets until you find your winner
  4. Give yourself some much-deserved commendation, and make a plan to move forward!

Not only is it fun – it’s downright eye-opening!

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