I’m talking about your daily habits – the things we do every day, consciously and unconsciously

Curate those habits wisely, and success is all but guaranteed.

Leave them unchecked (like most people do), and well….you know.  

Here’s how to ensure your habits are giving you the security, stability, and the foundation you need for a successful personal development plan:

Take time to periodically evaluate your balance sheet.  

Take a pencil and a piece of paper, and write out as many of your habits, routines, and daily activities as you can think of. 

Give them a good, hard, unbiased look.  

Is your time and energy going toward being spent on the things that fit in with your overall goals? Or have you slipped into a pattern that’s getting you from day to day, but not really helping you be great? 

If you notice that some practices aren’t working for you anymore, you need to swap them out for better choices.

Once you identify the factors contributing to your successes, circle them – those are your money makers. 

Do this regularly, at least once a month. You’ll soon see the balance in your life’s “account” rising to new heights – and start to feel like the champion you are. 

Want more tips to supercharge your personal growth? 

Discover your foundation for untapped success here.

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