In each of our personal and professional lives, we have an established list of core beliefs in activities we believe will make us more successful. Have you ever found yourself working daily and not truly making any progress? I have found that often times we do lots of activities in the name of progress but when we look back on our lives, we see nothing but stagnation. Have you noticed that too?

In my quest for success throughout my professional and personal life, I have always tried to simplify. Simplification allows each of us to get the most done by being the most efficient. You see, in our current culture of busyness, efficiency has to become more dominant. Coming to this realization is when I began tracking and establishing the Power of 2.

In a former life, I played the game of basketball. Basketball has some basic fundamentals that no matter what level you play on, you have to master. I had the dream and the desire to make it to the pinnacle in the world of basketball—the NBA. You see, to get to the NBA, you have to be able to do a few things really, really well. My college coach had already played in the NBA, so what better person did I have to ask how to get there?

When I asked the question, I was truly curious and wanted so desperately to know what I needed to work on. I was relieved the day he told me to work on two things. Wow, how simple was that? He didn’t give me this long laundry list of activities. He kept it simple. He stated 2. I could do that. And I did. Those 2 activities became my entire focus to begin my next journey in basketball. With those 2 focal points—my Power of 2—I collapsed time frames and was able to be narrowly focused. Those 2 simple things gained me access to the NBA. I made it there in less than 18 months.

So, my question and challenge to you is, what are you working on? Where are you trying to get? What does your pinnacle look like? What does a successful professional and personal life look like to you? What’s on your laundry list of activities to do each and every day to see that vision come to pass? Simplify it. Dwindle the list down, meditate and focus on the top 2 activities you can do to have more success. So often, our success is in the details.

I want you to think about what your Power of 2 needs to look like. I believe in this concept so much I want to share this gift of planning with you. Click here to access your Power of  2 worksheet 

Your Power of 2 will help you shape the right habits and rituals you need to develop and live by. I can’t wait to share that strategy with you next month. For now, let’s establish your Power of 2.

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