Waking up this morning in sunny South Florida with a cool breeze in the air – yes, it does get chilly down here: it’s 60 degrees – I can’t help thinking about the exciting changes that come along with the fall. My favorite fall activities include watching college football and tailgating. If you know me, you know how much I love the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers first and my wife makes me love the University of Miami Hurricanes football team second.

Every week, across the United States, lots of Americans are watching sports. Football is my favorite. Others are watching the World Series right now. The NBA has kicked off. These sporting events all have something in common and that thing is impact players.

The impact players are what bring us to the sport in the first place and keep us coming back. We are watching to see which NBA player is going to dive across the floor for a loose ball. We don’t want to miss the moment when a college player leaps over ten people to force themselves into the end zone. We are exhilarated when Tom Brady gets up after being knocked down for the tenth time to throw the ball into the end zone and have it caught.

But the thing is, our personal lives need impact players as well. As much as we love watching impactful people, we also need to be impactful people ourselves. Our ability to create impact begins every day the minute we wake up. Maybe our family needs us to get breakfast prepared for everyone today. Maybe we need to stay up and provide a little extra homework help. Perhaps we’re called to plan date night for our significant other or even a special trip. And that’s just at home.

At work, we can make an impact too. Our companies need us to be a little more creative or maybe a little more productive or maybe even a little more take-charge. Say “I will do it!”

Here are a 5 ways you can have impact this week:

  1. Be committed. When you are committed to your family or organization, going the extra mile is non-negotiable. What can you do to make the difference?
  2. Buy in. Don’t just be there drinking the Kool-Aid. Be a cheerleader for the team. That’s what leaders want and need. Buy into the system and the methodologies that have been put in place. When the team wins, we all win.
  3. Work on perfecting your skill. We are all good at something. Work this week to get better at it. Take your game to the next level for the good of the team.
  4. Fill in gaps. It’s easy to notice what needs to be done; this week, be the person who gets it done. Choose yes. Say, “I can do that.”
  5. Be consistent. It’s so important to show up every day. Who likes being around inconsistent and flaky people. Your teams need you to show up every day in every way.

Impact begins with small things that might start out unnoticed, but over time you will increase your value because people recognize the impact you bring to the team. We all like to cheer for winners. Let our cheering begin with us impacting the win ourselves.

Here’s to a world with more IMPACT PLAYERS!

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