How can a leader build a winning team without being an expert on teamwork? Impossible! Any leadership training that doesn’t focus on teamwork strategy is incomplete. How did the business world miss this? How many leadership trainings have you experienced that never laid out a teamwork strategy you can employ? If you are leading a team right now, what is your current teamwork strategy? Has anyone ever taught you a teamwork strategy or concept you can employ to build a productive team, repair a broken team, or improve upon your existing team? The word leader implies you are in charge of a group of people focused on a common goal. Once this group of people is assembled, you are officially a team—profits and market share and cash flow are dependent on how well your team works. You can’t separate leadership from teamwork because they go hand in hand.

I get it. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. But now you know, so you better have a teamwork strategy. Even if you don’t buy into our strategy on teamwork, please find one and become an expert on it. It will be very profitable for you to become an expert on teamwork. That’s how CEOs and entrepreneurs make money and build successful companies consistently: they simply build a team based on a proven teamwork model. This is also how some talented business leaders fail. I am sure you have a great product, but you still need to know how to build a team to get it to market, provide service, and continue to innovate. I know you are very smart and have a great business idea, but you still need a team to make it happen. If success is truly a team sport, you must learn everything there is to know about teamwork. Most successful business leaders either don’t know how to articulate what they know to others or refuse to share their secret with us because they would lose their value.

How does a successful coach like Phil Jackson, who has won eleven championships, always seem to get it right? The players changed, but he kept the model the same. Being a great leader in business and sports requires you to become a teamwork guru. Great leaders can always find the right mix of talent, abilities, and personalities and combine them perfectly into a cohesive and productive unit. We have created a teamwork model that will empower you to know what all the successful leaders know and failed to tell you. How much would it be worth to you if you had a successful teamwork formula for your leadership career? It is like the recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken or the special sauce on a Big Mac.

Phil Jackson is known as a Zen master as a coach, but it’s not mystic—he had a formula that worked. Successful sports and business leaders can write their own checks and instantly turn their organizations into winners, and so can you.

Ever heard of Nick Saban? He wins big because he knows how to build teams. The same can be said for Lee Iacocca (GM), Patrick Doyle (Dominos), Richard Anderson (Delta), or any successful leader in business. In essence, that’s what leadership is: leading a group of people to achieve a common goal. You can’t separate leadership from teamwork. Here is our sneak preview of our team strategy.

Every team has the right balance of innovators, implementers, instigators, improvers, and a group of people that simply say “Iexecute.

We are off to a great start. There’s more to come. Stay tuned!

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