Developing discipline and a strong work ethic really is the first step towards achieving success in business.

Without discipline, reaching your full potential in business is as unlikely as hitting the lottery. 

When it comes to creating success, you must have the discipline to follow your plan, regardless of what it might be at any given moment. By setting forth a plan, ensuring that you stay on target, and having the discipline to follow your plan, you’ll ensure success for yourself, your business, and your employees.

Most business owners would agree that the success of a business is a function of three things: the product/service, the marketing or advertising, and the leadership of the company. 

Most successful businesses put a lot of their eggs in one basket; therefore, they need a highly disciplined approach in order to produce superior results. If any one of these aspects of the

business is going astray, chances are that the other two components will suffer, too. For example, if the marketing or advertising is not tightly targeted and ineffective, the sales could fall. 

Likewise, if the product/service is underwhelming, or the company does not effectively market itself properly, the bottom line will suffer. Each of these aspects of a business must be well-constructed and disciplined if the business is going to achieve success.

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