To build great teams, we need to look no further than a person’s skills. Your professionals must be talented and skilled; however, we also must consider their attributes as a professional based in our iTEAM model. Your professionals’ attributes is the basis of team chemistry. There is a huge void in the organizational development space because no one really approaches the subject of teamwork quite like we do. I believe that chemistry is created if we look below surface skills and focus on innate attributes at a much deeper level.

With our iTEAM approach, you will be able to take a deeper look at how to build a team. Let’s approach it this way. Have you ever hired a person that you once thought was a perfect fit only to end up being a nightmare hire? Why were you so wrong? I’m not saying they were a bad hire because they were heavy drinkers, made inappropriate remarks, or were had character flaws. I’m talking about hires that were good people, very professional but they just didn’t fit your culture or your team didn’t get from them what you hoped. The only feedback I hear in this scenario is: “He wasn’t a good fit. She wasn’t a good fit.” The entire business world has accepted that as a good explanation without digging deeper.

Being a thought leader, I’m always asking the question, “Why?” I firmly believe that you should ask why someone was a bad fit because you don’t know if your next hire will be another bad fit. Have you accepted bad fits as the cost of doing business? What if we could give you some intelligence to protect you from ever hiring a bad fit again? Would that be valuable to you as a business leader? What if we could eliminate bad fits completely from your business experience and environment and replaced it with “great fits” “perfect fits” each and every time you on-board a new person?

Based on my 15-year experience in helping organizations build successful teams, I have learned that executives don’t have a solid framework for building teams. They just look at resumés to determine which applicant has strong credentials and extensive experience and then they roll the dice….that’s pretty much it.

Our iTEAM model will help you find a suitable candidate or a current team member by examining their innate capabilities and not just their official job title or experience. There is a much more intimate connection between job function and what a professional actually does. Ror example, I know that you have a COO in charge of operations but what does she actually do? Innovate? Implement? Instigate? Improve? Execute? Once we look deeper into their innate skills, we gain more intelligence about, and appreciation of, that professional.

And as you begin to understand each member of your team, you will be able to build a balanced team with balance through our iTEAM system. Companies make mistakes when they fill positions based solely on titles and experience. Don’t ever hire another bad fit again by using our system; better yet, you should know exactly why a person is a bad fit to the team to make sure you that you don’t make the same mistake twice.

My hope is that you hire the perfect fit each and every time. Your management team needs to have a balance of all iTEAM roles in order to perform at a high level. Bad fits can almost always be traced back to an imbalance. If your team has too many instigators, you need to hire more improvers. If you have too many innovators and not enough implementers, your next hire needs to have a great resume with great experience but he/she needs to be an implementer if you expect that person to be a good fit. You will be able to build your team’s chemistry once you our iTEAM model and build a balanced team. Almost all of your problems as a business leader can be solved by knowing how to build, repair and fix broken teams. Success is a team sport and your employees are your most valuable assets, so you always need to make sure that you get the right people appointed to the right places. And if they aren’t, we want you to know why.

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  • Ignite mutual understanding and respect.
  • Delegate tasks in a way that magnifies strength.
  • Build micro-teams and how to fix dysfunctional teams.
  • Boost employee engagement and job satisfaction.

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