Have you ever noticed the cadence with which Americans great each other and connect? It is remarkable that we all have this rigid habit of asking every new person we meet the same questions in the same order: “What is your name?” quickly followed by, “Where are you from?” and ultimately heading toward the only real question that intrigues us, “What do you do?” We value and esteem people in our country by their occupation. That is why America is such a work-centered culture—all we do is work. In fact, many professionals brag about how many vacation days and sick days they haven’t used as if it is a badge of honor. As parents we are guilty of perpetuating the same culture and teaching our children the value of this same work-first culture. We teach our kids to get good grades, a degree and a good job so they can work hard for the rest of their lives and then die.

That is what it is all about! I am not against work because we must work hard but I am also very interested in living life. The reason why we should work hard is to create an amazing lifestyle that we can eventually enjoy. What I am against is the degree to which work is prioritized in our nation. What I am preaching is working smart as opposed to just constantly working hard. The reason you need to take an off-season break or your own personal sabbatical is so you won’t get burnt out on work and it won’t subsequently suffer. If you don’t your personal confidence is at stake, your legacy is at stake and your lifestyle is at stake. We don’t need to work any harder as a nation; we need to work smarter. So our off-season concept is a chance for you to regroup and come back stronger than ever. An off-season allows you to work on your life. Imagine if every year because of your successful off-seasons, you improve your overall life by 10%? Suppose you did this five years in a row? An off-season is not a vacation. It is the perfect sabbatical for your life to make sure you stay in control, become the true master of your fate and life your life by design and not from crisis to crisis.

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