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This interview aired on The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show on SiriusXM Channel 141. Airdates: January 7, 9, 10, & 11 of 2017.

Walter Bond knows what it’s like to be discounted by everyone around you. He knows what it’s like to run up against seemingly insurmountable challenges, where everyone counts you out. He knows what it’s like to have moments where the challenges were winning and the circumstances were overwhelming.

Yet Walter Bond found a single truth that changed everything: “Peak Performers have no excuses for failure, only reasons for success!”

After several stellar high-school seasons, Walter earned a scholarship for the University of Minnesota’s basketball team. While a standout in high school, he rode the bench in college. Everyone on his team was a standout at their high schools. Walter became an average player compared to the rest of the team.

Walter was average and learned that the biggest group in life is called average. They are the people who are caught between what could have been, what could be and what is their present reality. He was stuck in the middle, between good and great.

One day, Walter told his father that the coach was not treating him right.  His father shared the truth with him –  “Son you are average, and you will continue to sit on the bench until you get better!  So suck it up and get tough!”

Walter changed his thinking and changed his attitude and went to work on getting better. He worked on getting tough, not just physically but more importantly, getting mentally tough! Walter won the award for “Most Improved Player” and became one of the leading players on the team. He went on to a stellar career in the National Basketball Association (NBA)!

Now retired from the NBA, Walter Bond shares lessons that empower, motivate and spark superstars to success. These lessons move middle players to take action by making them mentally tough and helping then break away from the crowded middle place called “average!”

In this incredible interview, Walter shares the following powerful points:

  • Don’t ever confuse your current state with your potential. One is a present reality, but the other is a future possibility that is waiting on one thing to change – YOU!
  • Don’t ever complain about what you can change! If you are presently making $40K and want $100K, you must become a different person!
  • People who achieve greater results are those who refuse to give lip service.  They do the work necessary to achieve great results!
  • Make a decision to become the most improved player in your sphere of influence.
  • Make a commitment to excellence.  A “C” student can become a “B” or an  “A” student once they make up their mind and commit themselves to excellence.
  • Work on your thinking and your attitude on a daily basis. We must update ourselves, just like we update our phones. When was the last time you updated you?
  • Make the commitment to develop your network and help others to succeed as you continue to help yourself!
  • Decide to think big and live big. Commit to Think, Execute and Dominate!
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