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Walter Bond

Walter Bond is the Co-Founder of Peak Performers Huddle, an online training platform for business owners, leaders, and anyone focused on seriously growing and developing their business and people. Today, he advises corporate leaders and coaches them toward radical growth and sustained culture and business transformation.

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From Adversity to Achievement

Walter graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1991, where he played basketball for four years. After breaking his foot twice during his senior year, Walter thought his dream to become a professional basketball player was dead. But with the right mindset, dedication and perseverance to be the best performer, Walter fulfilled his dream.

On November 7, 1992 Walter became the first ever undrafted rookie to start for the Dallas Mavericks in a season-opening game in the National Basketball Association. The following game Walter scored 25 points against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the highest ever for a rookie for the Mavericks – a record lasting nearly 30 years until Luka Doncic eclipsed that record.

Walter Bond Motivational Speaking among women leaders

As an athlete, Walter played on several high level teams.  in the Elite Eight while playing for the Golden Gophers of Minnesota and while with the Utah Jazz competed in the Western Conference Finals in 1994.


A New Court: Motivational Speaker

Walter excelled at teamwork throughout his time as a basketball player with Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons and Utah Jazz. Though he loved playing basketball, Walter had his eye on a bigger post-professional basketball career. Becoming a motivational speaker. 


Television and Media Personality

Walter not only reached his goal but excelled at it so much that in 2015 the Council of Peers Award for Excellence Speaker inducted him into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame®, making him one of less than 200 speakers alive today to have that distinguished recognition.

In 2012, Walter joined the Food Network as Host of Giving You the Business

Today Walter is one of the most highly coveted motivational keynote speakers, with over 2,000 speaking appearances. Each year, 100+ companies & organizations trust Walter to coach and inspire their teams to champion-level greatness.

Walter Bond Motivational Speaking among women leaders

Family Man

Walter’s messages include Business Transformation, Culture Building, Teamwork and Accountability.

Through his Peak Performers Huddle platform business owners, executives, managers and employees are trained on the Champion’s Roadmap.

The Bond Group is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

Walter Bond has been married to his wife and business partner for 30 years & they have 3 adult children-Wesley, Kendall & Cori.

Key Achievements

  • Walter Bond is recognized as a "Hall-of-Fame" motivational speaker

  • Nearly 2,500 Speaking Appearances

  • Positive Client Feedback: Ability to deliver inspirational, energetic, and audience-focused speeches, enhancing company goals and individual performance

  • Repeat Engagements: Clients love Walter’s message so much they have him back over and over again. That’s a testament to an impactful speaker.

  • Praised by Top Organizations: Testimonials from organizations lauded Walter as one of the best keynotes ever, attest to his ability to blend his message with company objectives and engage the audience effectively

  • Diverse Motivational Topics: Walter Bond has developed expertise in a wide range of motivational topics over 20 years, assisting various teams including executives, managers, and entrepreneurs to improve performance and achieve results

  • Top 10 Most Booked Corporate Speaker: Recognized by The Speaker Experts as one of the top ten most booked corporate speakers in the U.S., highlighting his high demand and effectiveness in corporate environments

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Walter's approach is engaging, authentic, straightforward and actionable. Through captivating keynotes, he delivers a passionate message focused on.