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From NBA Rookie to Motivational Speaker

They Laughed When I Was a 15 Pound Overweight College Basketball Player Who Couldn’t Shoot or Rebound, Came Off the Bench, Averaged Just 7 Points a Game & Wanted to Play in the National Basketball Association...

But When I Became the First Undrafted Rookie to Start a Season-Opening Game in the NBA, Plus A Hall of Fame Motivational Speaker (less than 200 alive today), Best-Selling Author, Business Coach, and Co-Founder of America’s Leading Training & Development Organization… My Phone Has Never Stopped Ringing!

How Walter Bond Can Motivate You & Your Team to Become a Champion-Caliber Company That Out-Performs Your Competition, Dominates Your Industry, Plus Achieves Goals Once Unimaginable…

Succeeding at any career is a big challenge. But when you can become a peak performer in 3 different careers that only a handful of people can accomplish in each field, you stand above the crowd.

It takes more than just talent and hard work. It takes motivation to overcome obstacles that stand in your way. And generate momentum toward winning.

When Walter Bond entered his senior year in college with life-long aspirations to become a professional basketball player, he broke his foot twice in six weeks.

He thought his basketball dreams were dead. But he persevered and not only made it to the NBA but went on to be a huge success as a motivational speaker, best-selling author, business coach and co- founder of a leading professional training & development organization.

Today, Walter Bond focuses his career on helping companies and organizations like yours to motivate individuals and business teams to become peak performers, achieve big goals and become dominant in their industry.


From Professional Basketball Player to Hall‑of‑Fame Motivational Speaker to Co‑Founder of America’s Leading Training & Professional Development Organization

On November 7, 1992 Walter became the first ever undrafted rookie to start in a season-opening game in the National Basketball Association as a guard for the Dallas Mavericks. The following game Walter scored 25 points, the highest ever for a rookie for the Mavericks – a record lasting 30 years until Luka Doncic eclipsed that record in 2022.

Walter excelled at teamwork throughout his time as a basketball star with Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons and Utah Jazz. Though he loved playing basketball, Walter had his eye on a bigger post-professional basketball career. Becoming a motivational speaker.Walter not only reached his goal but excelled at it so much that in 2015 the Council of Peers Award for Excellence Speaker inducted him into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame®, making him one of less than 200 speakers alive today to have that distinguished recognition. Today Walter is one of the most highly coveted motivational keynote speakers, with over 2,000 speaking appearances.


Each year, 100+ companies & organizations trust keynote motivational speaker, former NBA player, and bestselling author Walter Bond to inspire their teams to champion-level greatness.

Walter also founded and continues to build America’s leading motivational training & development organization. He has authored numerous courses, books, audios, and videos on the professional fundamentals to become a peak performer.

Plus, he teaches thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, managers and other employees each year on improving their mindset to overcome adversity and achieve success in pursuit of big goals. Plus, he trains his audience on developing skills to improve work performance. And most recently he developed a proprietary training program for teamwork.


More About Walter Bond

Walter grew up in Chicago and graduated from the University of Minnesota. He has been married to his wife and business partner Antoinette for over 30 years. They have three adult children.

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The Walter Bond Group is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. Companies and organizations of all sizes in many industries throughout the United States hire Walter Bond to be their keynote speaker and buy the courses, books, audios, audios and gear produced by Walter Bond. Shouldn’t you?


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