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To inspire you and your team for Peak Performance, teach the business fundamentals that foster individual development for success, compel your team to achieve big goals, plus capitalize on new opportunities that can grow your bottom line.


Many of America’s Leading Companies Covet Walter Bond to Be Their Motivational Keynote Speaker, With Over 2,000 Speaking Appearances…


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Meet Walter Bond…Your Secret Resource to Help You Become a Champion Caliber Company Here’s How You Can Develop an Indispensable Business Team Motivated to Achieve Your Biggest Goals, Starting With A Keynote Speaking Performance That Will Inspire Everyone Who Attends!

There is nothing in life that gets me more excited than to speak to and motivate an audience to reach their peak performance.

That’s why I welcome the opportunity to speak to employees of your company or organization. So, I can help you achieve your biggest goals – whether that be to increase revenues, have a more productive business team, enhance customer loyalty, or reward your employees.

No matter your purpose, I’m confident you will be proud of the results!

You see, after completing my career as a professional basketball player with the Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons and Utah Jazz, I focused on becoming the best motivational speaker in the world. For the last twenty-five years, I’ve been among the ten most “booked” corporate and association speakers in the United States according to The Speaker Experts. And I’m one of less than 200 speakers alive today to have been inducted to Council of Peers Award for Excellence Speaker Hall of Fame® by the National Speakers Association

My Guarantee to Motivate Your Team to the Next Level of Success!

I guarantee you’ll find my speaking performance to be both informative and entertaining. Everyone in the room will be engaged throughout my entire presentation.
Plus, I guarantee you’ll quickly see profound changes and outstanding results when your leaders, executives, managers and members attend my presentation and apply the proven principles for achieving peak performance that I will teach.
This is your opportunity to speed up success of your business team. Go ahead… Invite me to be the keynote speaker at your next event.


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