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Winners, Losers & Champions… How to Get to the Top

Are you ready to take your company or department to the next level? Business Transformation: Winners, Losers, and Champions…How to Get to the Top," led by the inspiring Hall of Fame speaker Walter Bond, is more than a keynote—it's a wakeup call for teams ready to break free from the every day and soar to new heights. Walter doesn’t just talk; he transforms. With stories that resonate and strategies that work, he guides you from the realm of status quo and elevate your thinking to what’s possible. This conversation is about shedding the 'good enough' and embracing the NEXT LEVEL.


Shark Mindset…Building a Culture of Resilience & Elevation

Have you been trying to build the right mindset into your culture? Have you tried getting everyone on the same page and looking for that unifying message? The Shark Mindset was created just for you.
In the fiercely competitive business world, having a mental edge is crucial. "Shark Mindset," a riveting keynote based on Walter’s acclaimed book "Swim," is designed specifically to create a culture of resilience and elevation within your team. Sharks never stop moving forward.


CULTIVATE… Six Non-Negotiable Traits of a Winning Team

The success of your company or organization starts and ends with teamwork. Your team success depends not only on the skills and traits of each member, but also their execution in working together with other members. Each team member’s contribution impacts the collective success of your team. When each team member performs at their peak, then your team can achieve peak performance.
This talk focuses on helping you and your team master the fundamental skills of peak team performance, so you can turn your team into a champion. Plus, this talk can help foster your entire company or organization into the dominant leader in your market niche or industry. It is based on the culmination of Walter’s hands-on experiences with good, mediocre and poorly performing teams. Plus, championship-level teams


No One Can Stop You but YOU!

Motivation is a driving force that can enable you to achieve your goals – no matter how big or small, despite what obstacles may stand in your way. So, how does a college basketball player who is benched due to multiple injuries and poor playing performance become the first undrafted rookie to play a season-opening game in the NBA?
The surprising answer can help you see how vital motivation is to achieving success when so many things may stand in your way – including self-doubt and external things outside of your control.

This powerful, honest and eye-opening keynote speaking presentation on motivation dives headfirst into the mindset, psychological tools and behavior you must have to overcome adversity and achieve your biggest goals. It inspires self-reflection and self-analysis to help you and your team make the necessary changes to improve your overall work performance!

Unlock Your Team's Champion Potential

Walter's approach is engaging, authentic, straightforward and actionable. Through captivating keynotes, he delivers a passionate message focused on.